Outdoor Play System
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Inspired by nature element, animal or abstract object,The outdoor playground equipment materials Consisting of metal, plastic, wood, PE, and ropes.etc. According the function or play age divided with senior playgrounds, basic playground, pool playground, explore playground and wooden playgrounds equipment. CREEZ providing customized play structure for children from our manufacturer.
Senior Outdoor Playground
Our senior playground station is larger scale to meet EU standard, suit for any public park, residential area or primary school 5-12 years.
Basic Outdoor Playground
Basic playground customize for 3-8 years kindergarten children, smaller size and economical budget.
Pool Playground
The pool playground equipment suit for splash pool, Aquatic park, Holiday inn, Wading pond, Beach park with 5 years above supporting.
Outdoor Explore Playground
The explore playground system is independent amusement park suit for larger children between 6-14 yeas.
Outdoor Wooden Playground
The selected wooden play structure for children 3-8 years made by pure pterocarpus wood from Africa.