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The bulk production for outdoor fitness equipment wholesaler
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Date: 2017-12-14

How to identify an outdoor fitness equipment is good or bad

1. Good outdoor fitness equipment generally have anti-corrosion and UV in paint surface treatment

2. Rust-proof paint generally contains zinc composition before powder coating.

3. Welding techniques have a direct impact on an exercise machine too.

4. Rotary bearing quality is one of the factors that affect the quality of some exercise machines in the outside use of high-strength rotation will not smooth or even stuck

5. The quality of powder paint itself is also different. (even outdoor fitness traders or retailers do not know sometime.)

6. Then last is screw and plastic parts, almost all people know the stainless screw is better, but there is also various of stainless steel alloy type for choice.

And the plastic parts made by all new plastic powder or second hand is totally different.


If you do not want to carefully distinguish good or bad, it is ok.

CREEZ factory will take care and make High-end style with competitive prices

Our bussiness principle is Lifetime service of our products in the end

If you want to have a new reliable park gym supplier contact me any time freely.

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