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What are the climbing frame in the playground? What are the options for investors?
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Date: 2021-03-02

Climbing is a very healthy and positive outdoor activity, which can adapt to a wide range of people, from infants and young children to children, and adults can participate in it in person. 

Whether it is parent-child activities or outdoor climbing training, or just simple recreation and leisure, outdoor climbing equipment is very suitable. In the park paradise, climbing facility is one of the most wonderful choice,there are various forms and scenes.

For users, there are quite a lot of choices, which is also good for playground investors.

park climbing frame

So, what representative climbing projects are worth the common choice of investors and consumers?

This type of climbing project has a wide range of scenarios, which is generally reflected in the sand climbing wall, which is presented in the form of slope. It can be selected in the community, kindergarten, theme park, park and other scenes, and the scale can be customized according to the actual situation of the site.

This kind of climbing facilities is less difficult and suitable for young children. It focuses on creating an entertainment and leisure atmosphere, so that children can carry out simple climbing activities, release their vitality, and carry out basic physical exercise, including physical coordination and endurance. 

The use risk is also very low. In various supporting scenes, it is welcomed and loved by many children.

outdoor climbing net

There are various forms of climbing frames, but the use process is difficult. It is suitable for children to carry out outdoor development training, and parents can also participate in the formation of a positive parent-child atmosphere. It is widely used in various types of children's powerless parks and theme parks.

The common climbing frame has many forms, and many materials are used, such as triangle climbing frame and spherical climbing frame made of tire; and wooden climbing frame, which is more representative of the building block type climbing, and has the effect of similar balance beam, forming a higher degree of physical fitness coordination and other exercises for children.

 In the process of experience, parents can give help and form mutual help Move.

climbing playground equipment

Rope net climbing is a more flexible and integrated project in climbing project. In form, the rope net can be used with a variety of facilities to form a rich form of modeling and experience, while the playability and experience difficulty can be set flexibly.