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kindergarten outdoor play equipment play combination
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Date: 2022-03-29

Such kindergarten outdoor play equipment is enough to have a set


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Kindergarten outdoor play equipment enriches children's after-school life and is one of the essential kindergarten supporting equipment. However, due to the different preferences of children, and the age differences of children in the three classes of large, medium and small, the requirements for the difficulty of amusement equipment are also very different, which makes kindergartens purchase. When it comes to outdoor amusement equipment, I am indecisive, and I don't know which outdoor amusement equipment to choose.




So is there a kindergarten outdoor play equipment that can not only meet the different interest requirements of children, but also be suitable for children of all ages? Of course, it is the outdoor combination slide that we usually like to see. As a popular outdoor play equipment for kindergartens, outdoor combined slides have the following advantages:


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1. There are many types, choose more



There are more than ten series styles of outdoor combination slides, such as castle series, forest series, inclined house series and pirate ship series. There are hundreds of outdoor combined slides with different appearances. The kindergarten can choose the appropriate style according to the overall decoration style of the kindergarten.




2. Cost saving




The combination slide is not just a slide, it also incorporates multiple play functions. In the combined slide, various amusement items such as rock climbing wall, swing, drilling hole, net cage can be integrated, so that children can enjoy the fun of the slide and experience other kinds of amusement items.




For kindergartens, the combination slide is like a small comprehensive children's activity center. One piece of amusement equipment can solve the various amusement needs of children, and there is no need to purchase other amusement equipment, which greatly saves the purchase cost.




3. Space saving



If climbing walls, swings, etc. are installed individually, then no amusement equipment needs to be built separately, which requires a lot of space. The combined slide integrates a variety of amusement equipment into the overall design, and a variety of amusement equipment shares a whole bracket, which saves cost and space.




4. Meet the needs of children of all ages




There are three classes of children in the kindergarten and their needs for play equipment are also different. The combination slide integrates a variety of amusement equipment with different levels of difficulty. There are slides suitable for young children, and there are rock climbing walls suitable for older children. Children of all sizes can play.


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CREEZ kindergarten outdoor play equipment ------ combination slides, divided into more than ten series, hundreds of varieties. Whether it is a plastic combination slide or a wooden combination slide, it is made of imported non-toxic and tasteless high-quality raw materials. It has the properties of UV resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to fade, and moisture resistance, and is suitable for outdoor playgrounds installation.